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Aravind Kumar.S  Leader - Customer Support

His originality, outstanding ideas, uniqueness, creativity-all these are the keys that make him successful in Software Development. Aravind is a promising team player who carries out to the best of his responsibilities cheerfully and whole-heartedly. Lateral Thinking and Team-first is a rare combination.

He is always improving himself by learning new programming languages and technologies.

Aravind is passionate about his work and performs his duties with utmost sincerity and integrity and aims at promoting the betterment of Customers.

BharathKumar Krishnamoorthy  Business Development Manager

Bharath is a strong communicator

In his role as the BDM, Bharath is responsible for the marketing initiatives of the organization.

As Wellspring takes its journey to the next level of growth, Bharath is playing a critical role in improving its positioning, market visibility and overall communication.

He manages a proactive support organization which is aligned with our client needs.

DeviSri  Software Developer

She is courageous, creative and ambitious. She has excellent Programming, Analytical and Decision making skills. She is a great team player.

She is a fighter. She does not give up. She keeps saying - 'Failures are the way to success'

She is a key member our of Development team.

Justin Antony  Software Developer

He is calm and determined towards his work. He strongly believes in Diversity. Give him a problem; he will surprise you by providing insights from all sides. He takes diversity so seriously that he has incorporated it into his day-to-day Decision Making. This makes him special.

He has the natural sense of courage and explorer attitude. His mind is so nimble and he can learn things quickly. When it comes to work, he takes pride in what we do. He always finds problems as opportunities to give Solutions. He is competitive and highly involved with his work. He keeps his cool when faced with negative situations, with a burning intent to resolve the pertinent issues.

Muthuramar Murugan  Head - Software Products

Muthu is our Product Head with strong work ethics and strong moral principles. He has a refreshing 'Simple, Down the earth, no-nonsense' attitute

His goal is to provide the Best Business Software to all levels of Business Leaders. He is Technocrat with Business Skills. He understands the significance/impact of software applications in business operations - AI. He is working in posistion completely aligned with his goal.

He is dedicated to bring "Stable Decision Making Skills" into Business Management

Rajalakshmi Satishkumar Chief Designer & Managing Director

Rajalakshmi is the Chief Designer and Managing Director of
Wellspring Software Labs.

Born Artist. Specializes in 'Oil-on-Canvas' paintings and 'Wire Arts'. Wellspring UI is based on her concepts.

Hailing from a Business background, she understands the challenges associated with running a Business and is fully committed with Wellspring's goal of 'Our goal is to give Growth, Power and Freedom to Business Leaders'.

Ramachandran.S Software Developer

Ram deals with troubleshooting and debugging issues in Wellspring Software Labs.

He is able to communicate responsibly with diplomacy and with grace.

He is willing to change his personal preferences and see things from the perspective of business customers, values the intellect of them.

Along with managing timelines, he is able to thrive in an environment where deadlines occur regularly.

Ramya PK  Software Developer

Remya personifies comprehensive understanding. If you would like to understand the depth of "understanding" - meet her. She takes her work very sincerly. She believes in Perfection. Her key tool to perfection is her - laser sharp focus on 'understanding'.

She believes in putting in the 10% more effort needed to do a great job rather than an adequate job.

Sakthi Madasamy Software Engineer

He is smart, self driven and is a good team player. He is a caring, affectionate and cheerful person. He often forgives the one who did harm to him. He is a good listener and reads people mind easily. He is co-operative and harmonious with team members, shares his ideas and techniques with them. He gives a helpful hand to those who all are in need. People feel happy to be with him because of his jovial, funny and humorous character.

He is competent and a creativite. He is self - motivating and responsible person towards his goal and also seek innovative solutions. He as the capability of problem solving, he takes a problem as an opportunity and effectively puts plan into action. He enjoys creating beautiful interface designs. He also loves coding and strives to write elegant and efficient code. He has an ability of quickly learn and is quite good in time and task management. He sports a positive attitude and has supreme communication skills. His focus is always on providing high quality, user-centric Software.

Saravanan Kalimuthu   Software Developer

He is a fun loving person always with a smile. He is full of positive energy - man who is training to see the good in every situation. He is an avid reader with "Why" as his primary question.

He is an expert in making every challenge as his success. He wants to keep him active by trying new things. He is a Lateral Thinker. This helps him to achieve targets easily. Toughest task always goes to him. He is different from others by the way of thinking.

Satish Vadamalairaj  CEO & Chief Architect

Satish is a trendsetter and visionary. He is a dreamer who can get things done. When his childhood dream has kept him going, he works harder to turn it into a reality. Wellspring MENTOR is the realization of his vision.

Satish has dedicated his life at the task of making his dream come true. "Self Learning Decision Making Software to Creators/Leaders". He believes 'Creators' are the linchpin and enabling one good Creator/Leader will result in the betterment of thousands of peoples lives. Decision Making Software combined with Self Learning capabilities and SaaS are the key factors.

He has over 23 years of experience and has architected multiple software products and solutions for large organizations across the globe.

Sibi Chakaravarthi  Technical Architect

Sibi has loads of experience in the technical world.

He is responsible for ensuring that Wellspring products and solutions leverage latest technologies and development methodologies to maintain their leadership position in the market.

He is a keen strategist and regularly commentates on a range of technology related issues.He regularly discusses on topics like trends in software technology, customer experience management and technical advancements, etc.

He loves technology and is the driving force behind loads of the exciting projects we work on at Wellspring.

Subbulakshmi M  Software Developer

Subbulakshmi possesses Leadership qualities - naturally. She keeps on trying to achieve the things even after facing many failures and is very much consistent and resiliant. Whenever she is stuck; whenever the challenge is impossible to solve; she will never give up. She sticks on to that and does research to complete it perfectly and in a logical manner. She has an Attitude to see each obstacle as an opportunity to grow. Easy to mingle with everyone and loves to help others.

She is a Multitasker. She is bold and does things very confidently and creatively. Her Positive thinking helps her to fulfil her goals. She believes "what we think in our minds will eventually become that we believe. So i start saying positive things about myself many times each and every day. My life motto is "In whatever I am doing, I am the best".

Suren Subramaniyam  Chief Operations Officer

Suren Subramaniam is a person who believes in actions than words.He did not learn entrepreneurship; he has lived it every moment of his life.

A man of few words and a lot of work, he finished his engineering in textile technology and took over his father's business and is now ranked among the top 5 in South India.

If you tell him something cannot be done, just sit back and see him get it done.

Since the time he has joined Wellspring in 2002, he has been responsible for viral growth that would take any business analyst by surprise. He has been the source of energy in every venture that he has been a part of and that is because he can handle more tasks than the latest devices.

Tamil Vanan  Leader - Design

Tamil is well-known for his integrity and character.

He has an in-depth understanding and experience in the Business Market, Programming Techniques and Design Patterns

One: Analytical mind. Bring up a topic, he will analyse, break it down and give you patterns out of it. Two: If you believe that you are the hardworking Champ, sit with him for a week; he will make you feel humble.

This rare combination of Consistency, Hardwork & Analytical skill has made him into what he is. He is holding the coveted position of "Design Leader" in Wellspring.

ValaGurunathan   Software Developer

Wellspring believes in the statement "Software Development is not just engineering; it is very close to art" - Guru is a Master Artist. He is a Smart-Worker. He finds several ways of achieving his goal. He has a fully rounded comprehensive personality. He takes ownership of work and is very responsible. He takes his work seriously. Sincere and committed person. HE is passionate about her work. Sincere, calm and collected. He is very meticulous and detailed. He spends good amount of time in analysing and planning. You can see that in the results. She has the highest record in meeting deadlines.

He is responsible for Software Development and Implementation. He is a Client Partner for few of our Clients.

Venkatesan M Software Developer

Venkatesan develops software solutions by studying information needs, conferring with users, studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes, investigating problem areas following the software development lifecycle. He improves operations by conducting systems analysis. Recommending changes in codes and procedures.

He is very flexible and is quick to adapt to any environment. He is very practical and sincere. He loves to learn from life. He belives in give-and-take. He says "the value of me depends on the value I give to others". He comes from a Agricultural family and has great respect and love towards farming. He never gives up. He says "No matter how many thorns i go on, i will throw it away and i will not go back. I am a Warrior"

Vignesh Kannan  Leader - Product Development

Vignesh comes from a Business Background. He is Businessman whose passion is Technology. He is very sincere. He is Customer focussed. He understands Business Processes. His key skill is "mapping Business Requirements to Technical Requirements".He loves to interact with people. This combination of skills puts him in the position he rightly deserves.

Before taking up this role, he was the Client Partner for ERP implementations. He has successfully implemented ERP to muliptle clients.