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Aashish Shah  Head - Business - Strategy

Aashish born in a family with 6+ generations in business, he learned about business even before his first day at school.

He has been a part of 20 different businesses, traveled to every state in India and 6 other countries meeting business owners.

He defines Entrepreneurship as the ability to learn new things and work on new things on a daily basis.

A fantastic networker and people person, he is the go-to person for everyone who knows him. He believes being purposeful and useful is more fun than being successful.

A patient listener, he understands clients problems and demands with equal ease and takes all efforts to find a solution.

He is now on a mission to make Wellspring a part of every businessman's success.

Anand.S.S Chief Business Architect

Anand is a Thought Leader in the fields of Data Science, Analytics and Internet of Things. He possesses over 19 years of IT industry experience specializing Business Intelligence.

His current role as Chief Business Architect in Wellspring Software Labs is to envision opportunities, establish prospects and finally empower clients through Wellspring Software.

Prior to wellspring, he served in Bank of America Continuum India(for 9.5 yrs) as Vice President, Head of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for their wealth management line of Business. He was responsible for India Delivery operations managing a team of 150 employees and 300 plus vendors. His deep rooted passion for Business Architecture, Business Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics has empowered him to conceive, Strategize, Build and Operate Top tier teams with deep domain expertise as well as in bleeding edge technologies in the fields of Data and Analytics in BOA India. Under his leadership, India team was instrumental in delivering multi million dollar turnkey initiatives for Bank Of America's wealth management clients.

Flagship Initiatives delivered under my leadership include

- Establishing a multi-million dollar Client Centric Platform with enriched Data Analytics which helped in securing multi-million dollar new investments to the bank.

- Designed and made operational a NoSQL platform for enhanced data availability and data retrieval performance resulting in high client experience rating for usage of our platform

- Conceived and Established a Data Quality Analytics Reporting Practice in India leading to skill up gradation for India teammates.

- Championed Data Quality, Risk Analytics initiative BACI India resulting in awareness and socialization of data quality practices across wealth management India teams

- Established a strong Big Data Practice by seeding projects leading to strong value add to our Global Partner teams

He holds an Engineering Degree in Electrical and Electronics and Post Grad Diploma in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence from Great Lakes Institute of Management. His core competencies include Influential Leadership, Business Architecture, Data Science, Analytics, IOT, Strategic Planning, Program Management.

AnusuyaNandhini.C  Designer

She is a passionate UI Designer.

She Creates Powerful aesthetics that forms a world of their Own.

She Focus on Skill-Set, a Balanced Between creative and analytical qualities with an emphasis on user-centric process.

Aravind Kumar Ragahavan Solution Architect

Aravind is the Solution Architect at Wellspring.

He loves Solutions- both the Domain and Technology Architecture.

Aravind believes in 'getting into the details', 'perfection' and 'doing the right thing'. He believes in doing things right - the first time - and every time. He takes imperfections seriously.

His 'eye for the details' helps us to make sure we deliver the software of the highest quality.

He is a voracious reader and loves exploring nature.

Aravind Kumar.S  Developer

Aravind is a Developer, He shows a keen interest in java development platform.

He has excellent troubleshooting skills, able to analyze code and engineer well-researched, cost-effective and responsive solutions.

Asik.G  Designer

Asik is an innovative Web Developer and logical thinker.

He is able to solve complicated works on program logic.

He also had the capability to learn new technologies and made a professional way of solutions.

Balaji.S  Developer

He has a good technical skill.

He is very much interest to learn new technologies and he believes his abilities.

He is a quick learner and also easily adapt to any situations.

He is very curious for creating new codes and full of dedication. so he delivered his effects within a time mostly.

BharathKumar Krishnamoorthy  Business Development

Bharath is a deep thinker. He believes in "win-win". "Empath" would be another way to describe him.

During our internal brainstorming sessions, if you hear the words "... so, what do we do to make the client win?" repeatedly; it will be from Bharath. His mind is hardwired to clients' minds/needs.

If you are confused about something, you could just walk over to him and ask him to explain the problem that you are facing. He will amaze you by clearly laying all 3400+ scenarios around a particular event... :)

He is a wise, caring, father-like man. Having him as our Operations head gives the necessary balance between all concerned parties.

Boopathi Gunasekaran  Client Partner

He is more courageous about his work.

He is Actively Maintain the client Relationship and Dedicate his work to Wellspring

Deepa.B  Developer

She is passionate about her work.

Her desire is to attain her target.She is working endlessly to make it happen.

Divya lakshmi .S  Developer

She is a Developer, changing in order to deal with new situations.

She is a smart worker.

She has the ability to make his work successfully in a quick manner.

She is an efficient worker who is set and focused on getting things done in the right way.

Elsy.A  Developer

She is so exertive. Being solitude in her work makes her to acheive a goal.

Always she is keen in making her way for the success.

Being attentive is her attitude. She assures her completion of task every time.

Gobinath.G  Quality Analyst

If you are doing some work without dedication, it will not work out.

This will be the mantra of Gopinath. He is doing his work with full of dedication. So he delivered his effects within a time mostly.

Have an excellent knowledge in testing. Have a good presentation skill.

Indhumathi N  Developer

She is a Developer at Wellspring

She wanted to great admirer of her success every time

Everyone has their own for their success. She believes in her abilities.

Jasper Charlotte J  Developer

She is more Dedicated on his Work

She will able to solve complicated logics on Program

Jayanth.T  Operations Manager

He is a Operations Manager at Wellspring.

He works Perfectly on his task

Karimulla.S  Developer

He is more Dedicated on his Work

He will able to solve complicated logics on Program

Karthic T G  Developer

He is Developer at Wellspring

He is more passionate towards his work.

Keerthivasan Sadhasivam  Corporate Care Officer

Keerthi is the Corporate Care Officer at Wellspring.

He is a gift for Wellspring. His accounting skills and the profitability plan for the organization as an accountant is simply superb...

He sees everyone in Wellspring with brotherhood. He excels in caring his work partners.

Loganathan Gunasakeran  Operations Manager

Logu is the Operations Manager at Wellspring.

He looks towards the uncertainty operations and makes it certain with his own way.

He follows the powerful thought which helps and influences the positive attitude around the organization.

He is also very much interested in solving managerial challenges in the area of business operations.

Marimuthu Pandiyan.S  Client Partner

He is Passionated about his work

He does whatever he loves.

Michael Reneto.K  Client Partner

He is a Client Partner at Wellspring

He is more dedicated himself to Wellspring

Mohana.M  Developer

Her attitude is to change her endless effort into success

She works always for her satisfaction. she is so attentive

Muniaraj.K Client Partner

He is a Client Partner at Wellspring

He is more dedicated himself to Wellspring

Muniraj Gurusamy  Client Partner

He is hard worker and a most Courageous person on his work

He is gifted to Wellspring. He is able to handle the clients and give support at any time.

Muthu Ayyavu Developer

Muthu.A plays brains behind the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems.

He is skilled to create the code to link the systems together, modifying it and integrating it into the existing software. He is responsible for the replacement of a whole system based on the specifications provided by the developers.

Muthuramar Murugan  Head - Software Products

Muthu heads the 'Products Development' division at Wellspring. Muthu gives shape to vision.

His 'Can Do' spirit, 'Perseverance', 'Sense of Responsibility', 'positive attitude', 'burning passion for trying new things' and 'pushing the boundary continuously' inspires us and has helped us to do 'the best'.

He believes that a software must be 'really' simple, practical, useful and powerful. He aspires to bring Technology to the masses.

He is in charge of Wellspring software development and is working on realizing this dream of his.

Navin Prabakaran.G  Operations Executive

He is a Client Executive at Wellspring

He always Effective on his work

Neha Patel  Developer

She so intends in the way of completing her work earlier always.

She takes her failure as an opportunity of being succeeding next time in a sundry manner.

She wanted to a great admirer of her success every time.

Prasanth Krishnamoorthi  Client Partner

He is more Passionate about his work

He does whatever he loves.

Praveen.J  Developer

An indefatigable defender of his work. He always thinks about his success.

He is only solitary shred evidence of his work.

Radhika .S  Quality Analyst

She is dexterous by her own way of making everyone as her friends.

She is so perceptive when it comes to work.

She pertains to be love with everyone which makes her reach ettle.

Everyone has their own for their success. She believes in her abilities.

Rajalakshmi A  Developer

She is highly-spirited towards her aim

She is calm and determined towards her work. Her attitude of being diverse made her unique.

She is passionate about her work.

Rajalakshmi Satishkumar Chief Design Architect & Managing Director

Rajesh Kannan.S  Client Partner

He is a client partner at Wellspring.

He always works to his satisfaction. and able to manage any situations

Ramya.D  Developer

Getting things done in best manner is her attitude.

She always assures her work is completed and highly passionate about her way of coding.

She loves what she do and She knows what she does.

Renitha Auxiliya  Developer

She always gives her support to the team in all aspects.

She has a good analytical skill. Analysing and finding a solution to the problems is notable skills of Renitha.

She is a quick learner and also easily adapt to any situations.

Sarafath Ali.K.S  Client Partner

He is a client Partner at wellspring

He is able to handle any task regard his work

Sarath Kumar.E  Developer

He is a Developer, he is capable of solving any complex problems with his analyzing and reasoning skills.

He is an excellent team player.

He is always keen on delivering the code solutions on time without impacting the existing architecture.

Sathish Kumar.K  Client Partner

He is a client partner at wellspring.

He is able to handle any task on cloud.

Sathish.V  Client Partner

He is a client partner at wellspring

He is highly-spirited towards his aim.

Sathya.K  Coordinator

She is the organizer of every event in Wellspring.

She assures the competency of her work.

She works for her satisfaction.she strives to make her work.

Satish Vadamalairaj  CEO & Chief Architect

Satish is a dreamer who can get things done. When dreams keep him awake, he works harder to turn them into reality. A trendsetter and visionary.

He is on a mission fuelled by the passion for creating an "Enterprise Strategizing Software" - the ultimate tool for every Businessman's success. Wellspring MENTOR is the realization of his vision. Satish loves Business and Technology.

As part of his 20+ years of experience, he has Architected multiple Software products and has architected solutions for large Organizations across the globe.

Selvam Rajendiran  Developer

Selvam develops software solutions by studying information needs, conferring with users, studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes, investigating problem areas following the software development lifecycle.

He improves operations by conducting systems analysis. Recommending changes in codes and procedures.

Senthil Kumar  Chief Client Partner

Shivakumar.V  Developer

He is Developer at wellspring

He is competitive and highly involved with his work.

Sibi Chakaravarthi  System Technologist

Sibi is the linchpin behind our successes. He loves Technology and loves solving complex problems.

He is Mr. Cool with a great ability to sense and understand any new situation. He is a clear-headed thinker.

He is is a huge asset to Wellspring and is a game changer in the making. He is a prodigy. He sets very high standards for himself and is acting towards making our world a better place. He wants to redefine the concept of 'education' and 'learning'.
He has a few big set of plans in this area and is working on them right now...

Sivarama Krishnan.R  Client Partner

He is Client partner at wellspring

He had deep knowledge in operations of wellspring software

Sivasankari.P  Developer

She is a keen listener. She understands her work deeply and starts her each step effectively.

She competes with her abilities to reach her destination. She is calm and powerful.

Sridhar Renu  Client Partner

He is Client partner at wellspring

He support and handle tidy task in his work

Suganya.M  Developer

She is a keen listener. She understands her work deeply and starts her each step effectively.

She competes with her abilities to reach her destination. She is calm and powerful.

Sundaresan  Biz. Development Manager

He is Biz.Development Manager at wellspring

He had good communication skills and able to handle tough tasks in his work

Suren Subramaniyam  Chief Operations Officer

Suren Subramaniam is a person who believes working is better than talking. If you tell him something cannot be done, just sit back and see him get it done. He did not learn entrepreneurship; he has lived it every moment of his life. A man of few words and a lot of works, he finished his engineering in textile technology and took over his father's business and is now ranked among the top 5 in South India.

Since the time he joined Wellspring in 2002, he has been responsible for viral growth that would take any business analyst by surprise. He has been the source of energy in every venture that he has been a part of and that is because he can handle more tasks than the latest devices.

Suresh Mani  Senior Client Partner

He is Senior Client Partner at wellspring

He had a deep knowledge on the operations of wellspring products

Swaminathan.K  Marketing Director

Swami Nathan is Marketing Director on the Boards of Wellspring Software Labs. He is advisory to several family businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Swami is a co-mentor of GCC based MNC M/S Gulf Turret's, Dubai

Between 1998 and 2015, Swami was the Vice President of Gulf Turret's which, under his leadership, Gulf Turrets became the top in Telecom and Infrastructure business related to Military and Commercial industries.

He expanded the companies foot print in various market fastest growing geographies

He was instrumental in helping Gulf Turret's group to achieve its set business goals beyond its expectations and retained its market share for almost 9 years in GCC markets by creating lots of SBU to retain its revenue growth in a sustained way.

Swami holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the Hogeschool of Business, Belgium, Brussels wherein specialized in Strategic Management & Finance.

Syed Muneer Hussain  Design Architect

Muneer is the Design Architect at Wellspring.

He is a born designer with a natural sense of courage and explorer attitude.

He is a fun-loving person with an 'always in the midst of a party' attitude. He is "full of life" and is always in the center of things.

When it comes to work, he takes pride in what we do. He aspires to build Wellspring into a one-of-a-kind corporate which is 'really' useful to self and its clients.

Tamil Vanan  Developer

Tamil is passionate IT Professional, currently focused on the challenges in coding and software development.

He is very much interested in learning new things and innovative ideas.

He is Developer with full life cycle experience building a wide range of enterprise application.

Thanga Rajesh.S  Designer

Thanga Rajesh is a Creative Designer in wellspring who has a natural artistic talent and is skilled in various art techniques.

He is a keen Listener and able to grasp clients expectations. He sees design in everything.

His way of approach to things looks different that may not be as readily apparent to his peers.

He Follows the FootPrints of Leonardo da Vinci

He Believes in the line "Imagination is more important than Knowledge" by Albert Einstein

Thangamani.N  Developer

He always wants to be a perfectionist.

His attitude of being cognitive bestowed his work as distinct to others.

He wants to be like a chieftain.He is working to achieve his endeavor.

Vasanthi.S  Developer

She is passionate about her work.

Her desire is to attain her target. She is working endlessly to make it happen.

Venkatesan.G.B  Developer

He always finds problems in indeed going back with solutions.

He is competitive and highly involved with his work.

He is an energetic developer

Vignesh.K  Developer

His mind is so nimble and he can learn things quickly.

He is a Smart-Worker.He finds several ways of achieving his goal.

Vijay Mohan  Head - Quality Control

Having a Leader like him is a pleasure to Wellspring. His skill in managing, coordinating the team needs to be a highlight.

He has the good management skill. Managing the team is one of the toughest tasks.

He does this job very well. He has a great experience in testing.

His other skills are finding defects, presentation skills, finally delivery the products timely.

Vijayan .J  Developer

He is a good analyzer.

He is an expert in making every work as his success.

He wants to keep him active by trying new things. He is different from others by the way of thinking.

He wil make all of us stunned for his ability of working efficiently.

Vinothini.S  Developer

She is courageous. She is determined towards her success which indeed makes her own way for her development.

She won't take her defeat as her end.

She makes her defeat as her success by struggling with her abilities.

She was named after Joy and she has made her ability of coding as her joy of life.

Vishnupriya.P  Developer

She is highly-spirited towards her aim.

She gains knowledge about her work and also her success by getting involved deeply in her job.

Yogapriya.G  Developer

She is calm and determined towards her work. Her attitude of being diverse made her unique.

She always wants to create a useful thing from insignificant things.

She is the creator of codes and also a good crafter.