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Aravind Kumar.S  Senior Software Developer

Aravind Kumar is a Senior Software Developer of Wellspring Software Labs.

His originality, outstanding ideas, uniqueness, creativity-all these are the keys that make him a successful software development.

Aravind is a promising team player who carries out to the best of his responsibilities cheerfully and whole-heartedly.

He is always improving himself by learning new programming languages and technologies. He is highly able to devise logical solutions for programming problems.

Aravind is passionate about his work and performs his duties with utmost sincerity and integrity and aims at promoting the betterment of the software.

BharathKumar Krishnamoorthy  Business Development Manager

Bharath is a strong communicator

In his role as the BDM, Bharath is responsible for the marketing initiatives of the organization.

As Wellspring takes its journey to the next level of growth, Bharath will play a critical role in improving its positioning, market visibility and overall communication.

He manages a proactive support organization which is aligned with our client needs.

Loganathan Gunasekaran  Business Development Manager

Loganathan is the BDM of Wellspring Software Labs.

He shines in the role of marketing in attracting, qualifying, and nurturing the very best prospects.

Loganathan likes to propagate Wellspring's strategies that will help in creating trust among customers.

His favorite tagline is "Wellspring Customers are Happy Customers". He inspires all of us professionally and also personally with his positive conversation.

Muthuramar Murugan  Head - Software Products

Muthu is our Product Head with strong work ethic and strong moral principles.

Apart from mastering the software skills, also understands the significance/impact of software applications in business operations.

He is dedicated to bring outstanding knowledge about today's business management - with all risk and regulatory complexity of running a business.

His expertise in instructing and conveying ideas to developers and customers.

Rajalakshmi Satishkumar Chief Design Architect & Managing Director

Rajalakshmi is the Chief Design Architect and Managing Director of
Wellspring Software Labs.

Architecting is not just engineering it is very close to art and she masters in that.

She creates innovative designs for products, services and experiences to build softwares and help customer businesses grow.By intersecting design and technology, she helps clients globally to bring new ideas and products to market.

Her words "Our motto - 'Customer First' enables us to deliver an uncompromised experience to all our clients, and our key focus will always be to help clients further expand their businesses."

She is committed to walking the extra mile when it comes to providing the customers with cutting edge technology resulting in increased levels of success.

Satish Vadamalairaj  CEO & Chief Architect

Satish is the Chief Executive Officer of the Wellspring Software Labs and is responsible for operations and administrations.

He has over 20 years of experience and has architected multiple software products and solutions for issues in large organizations across the globe.

Satish is a dreamer who can get things done. When dreams keep him awake, he works harder to turn them into reality. Moreover, a trendsetter and visionary. Wellspring MENTOR is the realization of his vision.

Satish loves Business and Technology.He is on a mission fuelled by the passion for creating an "Enterprise Strategizing Software" - the ultimate tool for every Businessman's success.

Shivakumar.V  Software Developer

Shiva is an ambitious and modest developer

He can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing software development market and latest technology trends and platforms associated with it.

He will be able to prioritize, triage, and manage all the various milestones of all the various projects on their plate at a given time.

Sibi Chakaravarthi  Technical Architect

Sibi has loads of experience in the technical world.

He is responsible for ensuring that Wellspring products and solutions leverage latest technologies and development methodologies to maintain their leadership position in the market.

He is a keen strategist and regularly commentates on a range of technology related issues.He regularly discusses on topics like trends in software technology, customer experience management and technical advancements, etc.

He loves technology and is the driving force behind loads of the exciting projects we work on at Wellspring.

Sivarama Krishnan.R  Client Partner

Siva masters the skill of communicating with clarity and efficiency.

Moreover, He is smart and self-driven who care a lot more about clients.

First, He listens carefully the customers needs for their business, then suggest and explain the software packages which fit them perfectly. It Will help customers to make more profit and to improve their business.

He gets a lot of new leads in reference of his existing customers as the result of, when customers ask for any support/queries, he will provide an excellent support anytime.

Suren Subramaniyam  Chief Operations Officer

Suren Subramaniam is a person who believes in actions than words.He did not learn entrepreneurship; he has lived it every moment of his life.

A man of few words and a lot of work, he finished his engineering in textile technology and took over his father's business and is now ranked among the top 5 in South India.

If you tell him something cannot be done, just sit back and see him get it done.

Since the time he has joined Wellspring in 2002, he has been responsible for viral growth that would take any business analyst by surprise. He has been the source of energy in every venture that he has been a part of and that is because he can handle more tasks than the latest devices.

Tamil Vanan  Senior Software Developer

Tamil is well-known for his integrity and character.

He has an in-depth understanding and experience in the business market, programming languages and related technologies.

He agrees that creativity and curiosity are required to design innovative programs. And he use to put in the 10% more effort needed to do a great job rather than
an adequate job.

Vignesh.K  Senior Software Developer

Vignesh is naturally tender-hearted and compassive.

He can research, learn and use trending software technologies, tools and languages quickly.

He is able to take very complex projects, able to develop very sophisticated program, able to do "The hard stuff".

He can make sense of business requirements and understand what it needs to be fit.

Vijayan .J  Senior Software Developer

The most important attribute of Vijayan is his Efficient Time Management

He is responsible for creating and delivering services and solutions that bring value to customers.

He believes that "Software development is 100% about solving problems".

He sees a lot of ways to do things that others don't see, comes up with better ways of doing things, goes beyond.

Ramachandran.S Software Developer

Ram deals with troubleshooting and debugging issues in Wellspring Software Labs.

He is able to communicate responsibly with diplomacy and with grace.

He is willing to change his personal preferences and see things from the perspective of business customers, values the intellect of them.

Along with managing timelines, he is able to thrive in an environment where deadlines occur regularly.

Aravind Nadesan  Business Analyst

Aravind is a Business Analyst of Wellspring Software Labs

He has a strong background in finance and operations.

His role involves facilitating developers and staff to provide a better service for clients.

He hopes that every complicated process must have at least one smart way to make it simple. He brings a unique recipe of critically important human skills and analytical skills.

Personally, he respects the peoples' interests and emotions.